ViziLite PlusBy: Shayla & Lyndsay

ViziLite Plus is a oral cancer screening aid. It aids in the detection of oral cancer lesions and helps save lives.
(Zila, 2011)


To make dental hygienists more familiar of the benefits of using oral cancer screening aids, such as ViziLite Plus.

Learning Objectives:

• Identifying who is at risk for developing oral cancer.
• What Vizilite Plus is.• How ViziLite Plus works.• How to use ViziLite Plus.• The healthcare professionals that perform oral cancer screening aids like ViziLite Plus.• Positives and Negatives of ViziLite Plus.• If ViziLite Plus is covered by insurance.

ViziLite Plus Informative Video

(Dental 360, n.d)

(Jkpcguru, 2010)

Today, dental hygienists or oral health care professionals will learn about a new innovative oral cancer screening aid by the name of ViziLite Plus.


Whose At Risk For Oral Cancer:

• Everyone is at risk for oral cancer, but those who smoke or drink
alcohol have a higher risk of developing oral cancer.
•Clients with systemic diseases such as Diabetes, and HIV are
at an increased risk of oral cancer as well.
•Clients that are between the ages of 18-49.

(Alanta Dental, n.d)

(Englewood Dental, 2010)

What is ViziLite Plus?


"ViziLite Plus with TBlue is the leading oral cancer screening system that was developed to help oral healthcare professionals identify, evaluate, monitor and mark abnormal oral lesions suspicious for pathology including precancerous cells and cancer that may be difficult to see during a regular visual exam"
(Zila, para.1, 2011).

(Klemes Dental Associates, n.d)

When is ViziLite Plus Used?

This oral cancer screening system is used while a oral healthcare professional is performing an intraoral exam and can be used on a high risk, or not high risked client.

ViziLite Plus is a great tool for the dental hygienist to use on client's to help detect oral cancer, it is important to detect suspicious lesions early before they manifest into bigger and more serious lesions.

(Zila, 2011)

(Cahaba Dental Arts, n.d)

How it Works:

When a healthy cell starts to alter and begins to transform a cancerous cell it causes the DNA replication to increase throughout those cells at a much faster rate. This causes the DNA within these now cancerous cells to start to occupy more space within the cell, and causing it to take over. this can cause the DNA to take up a substantial amount of the cell. How VizilLite Plus works is that when these cells begin transforming into cancerous cells the ViziLite Plus is able to pick up these differences within the cell. The solution that the client rinses with helps to dry out the surrounding tissues which causes the lesions to become more noticeable. Then the ViziLite Plus handheld light is then used and it reaches the base of these suspicious lesions and have an illuminating factor to them. (Zila, 2011)

(, 2009)(Peterson, 2008)

Who Can Perform ViziLite Plus:

• A dentist, a dental hygienist, nurse, or doctor is able to use the ViziLite Plus.• The findings must be discussed with the client by the dentist since dental hygienists are not able to diagnose.

631-01368842w.jpg iStock_000008064620XSmall-300x199.jpg

(Masterfile, 2011)(Ficarra, 2010)

Package Contents:

• Pre-Rinse Solution• Handheld Light Stick• TBlue Marking System• Disposable Retractor• Single-use Dose Cup(Zila, 2011)

(PR Newswire, n.d)

How to Use ViziLite Plus:
Step 1: Perform an intra oral and extra oral exam. (Burkhart, 2009)
Step 2: Get the client to rinse using the Vizilite Plus solution. Then dry the oral cavity. (Zila, 2011)
Step 3: With the Vizilite eyewear on then take the Vizilite Plus hand held light and take a look around the oral cavity in all of the surrounding areas. Look for any lesions that appear white in colour. (Zila, 2011)
Step 4: On the white lesion that was just noticed apply the TBlue to the lesion and it causes it to turn blue for helping with detection. Follow through with the necessary treatment of biopsy. (Zila, 2011)

(Zila, 2011)

(Leviverson, 2011)

Positives of Using ViziLite Plus:

• Aids with the early detection of oral cancer• Is cord-free and able to move around easily within the oral cavity• Helps to see lesions more clear compared to with the naked eye.

Here is a lesion that was coloured blue usingthe TBlue portion of the ViziLite kit.(Zila, 2011)

Negatives of Using ViziLite Plus:
• Not every insurance covers oral cancer screenings
• No part of the kit is reusable therefore is quite wasteful.
• Only identifies white lesions.
(Bregman, 2008)

Clients Who Should Not Use ViziLite Plus:
• Children
• Lactating or pregnant women
• People with renal or liver impairment
•Those hypersensitive toTBlue630 ingredients
(Alanta Dental, n.d)

Is ViziLite Plus Covered Under Insurance?

This code in 2005 was passed by the american dental association that included oral screening exams. “The relevant passage read: ‘Adjunctive pre-diagnostic test that aids in the detection of mucosal abnormailities including pre-malignant and malignant lesions not to include cytology or biopsy procedures’”(Zilla, para. 2, 2011). Since ViziLite Plus is not a biopsy procedure it falls underneath this code. Not all insurance companies are not refunding back the cost of the ViziLite Plus procedure, or other oral cancer screening aids. It is very important to check prior to the procedure if their insurance company does cover the procedure incase lack of financial resources are a factor. Some medical insurances tend to cover ViziLite Plus and similar procedures. A couple of the codes are 82397, Chemiluminescent assay, 99201 for new patients.
(Zilla, 2011)

Where Can You Purchase ViziLite Plus:
Through Zila Customer Service, as well as most major dental distributors will carry ViziLite Plus.
The link for Zila Customer Service is:
Phone Number: 1-800-228-5595
Pricing varies, but most are sold at $19.95/40-pack unit
(Dental 360, n.d)

Summary Video:

(Agatep, 2008)

Key Points:
  • Everyone is a risk for developing oral cancer, especially people who smoke or drink alcohol.
  • ViziLite Plus is an oral cancer screening aid which helps oral health professionals detect anything abnormalities in the oral cavity.
  • ViziLite Plus helps in detecting oral cancer by cells begin transformed into cancerous cells. The ViziLite Plus wand is able to pick up these differences within the cell, the solution that the client rinses with helps to dry out the surrounding tissues which causes the lesions to become more noticeable.
  • Advantages of VizilLite Plus: aids in detections of oral cancer, cordless, and helps lesions become more obvious.
  • Disadvantages of ViziLite Plus: not all insurance covers it and it only makes white lesions noticeable.
  • Costs approximately $19-40.
  • Children, pregnant women, people with liver and renal impairments are all contraindicated for the use of ViziLite Plus.

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Who is at risk for oral cancer?
  2. What is ViziLite Plus and what healthcare professionals use it?
  3. What is the cost of ViziLite Plus?
  4. What are the positive and negative aspects of ViziLite Plus?
  5. Who should not use ViziLite Plus?
  6. What are the 4 steps of performing a ViziLite Plus examination?
  7. Will insurance cover ViziLite Plus?

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